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Bedrock Linux

Bedrock Linux is a Linux distribution created with the aim of making most of the (often seemingly mutually-exclusive) benefits of various other Linux distributions available simultaneously and transparently.

If one would like a rock-solid stable base (for example, from Debian or a RHEL clone) yet still have easy access to cutting-edge packages (from, say, Arch Linux), automate compiling packages with Gentoo's portage, and ensure that software aimed only for the ever popular Ubuntu will run smoothly - all at the same time, in the same distribution - Bedrock Linux will provide a means to achieve this. Watch a demonstration and read the introduction and FAQ for more.

Bedrock OS Invite-only beta (April Fools 2014)


The Bedrock OS project has entered an invite-only beta. This comes with numerous new features and functionality, including:

The first 50 IP addresses to reach this website should see an invite code below:


Early 2014 plans


The plan for Bedrock Linux development in the coming months revolves around functionality which can be added without significant under-the-hood changes to Bedrock Linux. Various ideas currently being worked on:

Bedrock Linux 1.0alpha4 Flopsie released


The fourth Bedrock Linux release, 1.0alpha4 Flopsie has been released. See the high-level changelog here and the installation instructions here

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