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Increase in scope for upcoming Bedrock Linux 1.0beta3 Poki


The current Bedrock Linux release, 1.0beta2 Nyla, saw a substantial increase in community feedback. Given the focus on accessibility of the upcoming 1.0beta3 Poki release it is likely to see an even greater increase in user base. It is desirable to clear the backlog of smaller issues and toughen up the project infrastructure before this projected uptick. While the major features planned on the roadmap are retained as the key goals, additional work will be put in to clean up the code base, add tests, and rework the build system, amongst other improvements. This will likely push back the upcoming release but will help ensure the upcoming increased attention is manageable.

Bedrock Linux AMA on /r/AskLinuxUsers


/u/ParadigmComplex represented Bedrock Linux during an "Ask Me Anything" ("AMA") session at http://reddit.com/r/AskLinuxUsers. The session is now over, and the resulting discussion can be found here.

Bedrock Linux forum hosted on LinuxQuestions.org


Bedrock Linux now has a forum available on linuxquestions.org at:


Bedrock Linux 1.0beta3 Poki Plans, project roadmap


The design plans for the upcoming release of Bedrock Linux, 1.0beta3 Poki, are available here.

A rough roadmap for Bedrock Linux is available here.

Bedrock Linux 1.0beta2 Nyla released


The second beta of Bedrock linux, 1.0beta2 Nyla, has been released. See the major features, the high-level changelog, and either the full installation instructions or, if you'd like to expedite the install process, the quickstart installation instructions.

Bedrock Linux 1.0beta2 Nyla in final development stages


All major features and changes for Bedrock Linux 1.0beta2 Nyla are complete; it is currently undergoing final testing and bug squashing. The release should be soon.

Bedrock Linux 1.0beta2 Nyla delayed


A large number of complications have arisen since Nyla's original release date was set, including the numerous hardware failures. Moreover, while working on Nyla many of the required changes have been found to require much more time to implement than previously expected. Thus, Nyla's release is being delayed. The new tentative release date is end-of-summer 2015.

Columbus Linux User Group presentation


Slides from a presentation on Bedrock Linux to the Columbus Linux User Group on 2014-11-19 are available here.

Bedrock Linux 1.0beta2 Nyla Plans


The design plans for the upcoming release of Bedrock Linux, 1.0beta2 Nyla, are available here.

Bedrock Linux 1.0beta1 Hawky Released


The first beta of Bedrock Linux, 1.0beta1 Hawky, has been released. See a demonstration video here, the high-level changelog here and the installation instructions here.

Bedrock Linux 1.0beta1 Hawky Plans and release date.


The plans for Bedrock Linux 1.0beta1 Hawky are available here. This release is planned for July 1st, 2014.

Bedrock Linux on Linux Action Show, Linux Unplugged


Bedrock Linux was discussed on Linux Action Show Episode 316 (starting at forty minutes in). The Bedrock Linux found/lead developer was then interviewed on Linux Unplugged Episode 44 (starting at 8 minutes 30 seconds in).

Repos and issues moved


The public/centralized Bedrock Linux repositories were moved from http://github.com/paradigm to http://github.com/bedrocklinux . The Bedrock Linux issue trackers migrated over to GitHub's issue tracker as well.

Bedrock OS Invite-only beta (April Fools 2014)


Below is a April Fools 2014 joke -- no closed beta, code has no use

The Bedrock OS project has entered an invite-only beta. This comes with numerous new features and functionality, including:

The first 50 IP addresses to reach this website should see an invite code below:


Above is a April Fools 2014 joke -- no closed beta, code has no use

Early 2014 plans


The plan for Bedrock Linux development in the coming months revolves around functionality which can be added without significant under-the-hood changes to Bedrock Linux. Various ideas currently being worked on:

Bedrock Linux 1.0alpha4 Flopsie released


The fourth Bedrock Linux release, 1.0alpha4 Flopsie has been released. See the high-level changelog here and the installation instructions here

Ohio Linuxfest 2012 Presentation Video


The audio from the Bedrock Linux presentation at the 2012 Ohio Linuxfest was recorded. This has been played over the slides and is available to be viewed as a video here. The audio recording can be found here and the slides can be found here.

Flopsie feature backported to Bosco


Flopsie plans discussed here are showing promising results. One of the features, the union filesystem intended to fix the /etc-issue, has been backported to Bosco for those who are interested in trying it out before Flopsie is ready. See here for instructions on how to install the backport.

Bedrock Linux 1.0alpha4 "Flopsie" delayed, additional features planned


At this point in time it does not look like Bedrock Linux 1.0alph4 "Flopsie" will be completed by the previous target date of "end of summer 2013". The new target date is January 1st, 2014.

The delay is entirely due entirely to time availability expectations not being met, and is not the result of any unforeseen technical issues; the plans for Flopsie still seem viable at this point in time. The additional time allows for additional goals for the next release. In total, expect the following:

See the Flopsie Plans page for more details.

Bedrock on LHS Podcast 107 Now Available


As was mentioned in the last news item, Bedrock Linux was on two podcasts recently; however, only one was available online at the time. The other podcast is now available online, and can be found here:


Bedrock Linux Interviews


The founder and lead developer of Bedrock Linux was interviewed on not one, but two Linux podcasts in the last few days: Linux in the Ham Shack and The Linux Link Tech Show. If you would like to listen in, both were recorded. Linux in the Ham Shack's podcast is not up yet, but you can listen to TLLTS here:


Look for episode 506 on May 22, 2013. The discussion veers away from Bedrock Linux after about the first hour.

Another news item will likely be put up once the Linux in the Ham Shack interview, episode 107, goes up.

Bedrock Switching to OSX (April Fools 2013)


The April fools joke for 2013:

The primary complaint about the Bedrock OS project throughout its history is that it is insufficiently user friend. To quote Jonathan Corbert of Linux Weekly News:

[Bedrock Linux] may be especially well suited for those users who have gotten frustrated with the way distributions like Gentoo do everything for them.

Clearly, this needs to be remedied. The Bedrock Linux developers feel very strong that if you're going to do something, you should do it right, and no Linux-based operation system has ever gotten the reputation for user-friendliness that OSX has. Switching to OSX is a necessity if the Bedrock OS is ever going to become truly user friendly.

From a technical standpoint it seems quite doable. The crux of how Bedrock works under the hood - chroot() - is available on OSX as well. Apple OSX is UNIX. Moreover, work to make things like CUPS or webkit work on Bedrock will cleanly carry over.

Really, there isn't any downside. This Linux thing was never going to catch on anyways. The upsides, though, are tremendous. Consider:

However, converting the base project will take about one year. Expect Bedrock OSX to be available on April 1st, 2014.

Bedrock Linux 1.0alpha3 Bosco update


Bosco has been updated, fixing various issues. If you are currently using a Bosco installation from before 2012-01-16, it is recommended you update. Download and untar the userland to a temporary directory (such as /tmp/bosco-update), and replace the following files from the core system with those from the userland tarball:

Bedrock Linux 1.0alpha3 Bosco released


The third Bedrock Linux release, 1.0alpha3 Bosco has been released. See the high-level changelog here

Bedrock Linux mentioned on linux.com


Bedrock Linux was mentioned in an article on linux.com about new Linux distributions created in 2012.

Website Overhaul, includes atom/rss


Website overhauled. Huge thanks to simonlc for assisting me with a new website design. Note that the website now supports atom, and so if you would like to follow Bedrock Linux development and news feel free to point your RSS feed reader to "http://bedrocklinux.org/atom.xml".

Bosco performance boosted; backported to Momo


Bosco plans discussed here have been implemented and show a huge real-world performance boost. This functionality was backported to Momo for those who are interested in trying it out before Bosco is ready. See here for benchmarks and instructions on how to install the backport update.

Bedrock Linux at Ohio Linux Fest 2012


Bedrock Linux's founder/lead dev is presenting Bedrock Linux today at the Ohio LinuxFest 2012. The slides for the presentation are available here.

Bedrock Linux is on LWN


An article on Bedrock Linux is available here; however, it is currently only available to LWN subscribers. It will be made freely available to everyone on September 20th, 2012

Bosco Plans


Plans for the upcoming release, 1.0alpha3 Bosco, are now available here. In summary, the next release should be simpler and faster.

Hosting and domain change


Bedrock Linux is now at its own domain: bedrocklinux.org

Bedrock Linux mentioned on Linux Action Show


Bedrock Linux is on the Linux Action Show. Relevant section goes from 11:15-16:41. "One of the most fascinating Linux distributions we've heard of in years."

Bedrock Linux 1.0alpha2 Momo releasd


The second Bedrock Linux release, 1.0alpha2 "Momo" has been released. This release primarily addresses issues brought up from the prior release as well as contributions from others.

Short video demonstration of Bedrock Linux


A short video demonstration of Bedrock Linux can be found here

Bedrock Linux on Wired's website


Bedrock Linux was very briefly mentioned on Wired magazine's website here

Bedrock Linux on Slashdot


Bedrock Linux is on Slashdot.

First public Bedrock Linux release out


The first release of Bedrock Linux, 1.0alpha1 "Appa," is now out.