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Bedrock Linux 0.8 Naga Plans

Test coverage

Historically, major Bedrock releases coincide with substantial architectural and code changes. This pattern reduced confidence in the ROI on writing tests. However, recent Bedrock releases has each reduced the scope of architectural changes. Confidence in Bedrock's architecture has reached the point where Naga's code should receive a fair bit of unit and integration test coverage, as well as the usual static analysis tool coverage.

Reintroduction of manual install option

Nyla supported two installation options:

Poki's hijack option was sufficiently polished that the expectation was interest in the competing manual install option would be dropped. However:

Thus, the manual option will be reintroduced in Naga.

Filesystem layout

In Poki, most Bedrock-specific files were available in /bedrock. As a result, many users never interact with the bedrock stratum. This exacerbated confusion over what Bedrock Linux is, as it appears to simply be a /bedrock directory placed "on top" of another distro install. To resolve this, Naga will move Bedrock specific files into the bedrock stratum. This should cause users to interact with the bedrock stratum in the same manner they do other strata, making it appear to be at least a coequal part of the system. For example (using Poki's filesystem layout):

Two concepts need to be accessible to all strata:

Given the above goals, there are two options currently being considered:

Unified documentation source

As of the time of writing, Bedrock independently reproduces similar documentation content both on its website and in the release's --help output. Moreover, it lacks Bedrock specific man pages.

Nyla's development will shift documentation into a single source from which the website, --help output, and man pages will be generated. Once implemented, this will reduce the documentation maintenance burden.

crossfs and etcfs modular architecture.

Over Poki's life, crossfs and etcfs have not evolved quite as originally expected, and technical debt is slowing slowing further development. They will be rewritten with the following architecture in order to expedite future development:

This modular architecture should expedite support for new Bedrock cross-stratum feature subsystems, such as eventual cross-stratum service and desktop environment support.

etcfs single instance.

In Poki, each stratum has its own etcfs instance. This both pollutes the process list and consumes more memory than necessary. etcfs will be rewritten so that only one instance is needed, similar to crossfs.

brl fetch

Stratum status management

The stratum status management code will be rewritten with the following goals:

Init selection menu

The Bedrock init selection menu will be rewritten with the following goals: