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Bedrock Linux

Bedrock Linux is a Linux distribution created with the aim of making most of the (often seemingly mutually-exclusive) benefits of various other Linux distributions available simultaneously and transparently.

If one would like a rock-solid stable base (for example, from Debian or a RHEL clone) yet still have easy access to cutting-edge packages (from, say, Arch Linux), automate compiling packages with Gentoo's portage, and ensure that software aimed only for the ever popular Ubuntu will run smoothly - all at the same time, in the same distribution - Bedrock Linux will provide a means to achieve this. See a feature list, watch a (old/outdated) demonstration or two and read the introduction and FAQ for more.

Poki public beta testing


Pre-release builds of Bedrock Linux 0.7 Poki are now available for testing. See here for further details. If you have the time and resources, assistance testing would be appreciated.

Poki feature complete, undergoing internal testing


An internal build of the upcoming Bedrock Linux release is now feature complete. Internal testing and bug fixing is now underway.

A release candidate is expected to be made public sometime in October or November for further testing. Any assistance testing at that time will be greatly appreciated. The proper release will follow, likely before the end of 2018.

May 2018 Poki Progress Update


Given the relatively long release cycle, it seems prudent to provide an occasional progress update. Poki's development progress, updated 2018-05-05, can be found here. While a substantial amount of work has been done, much is left to do before the release is ready.

Project status as of the end of 2017


Development over the past year and a half has been very slow due to unrelated priorities consuming Bedrock Linux development time. These priorities are largely passed, and development should restart in earnest within the first half of 2018.

There has been a fair bit of research towards the upcoming 1.0beta3 Poki release before the development stagnation. However, there is still some research left to do, as well as a lot of time consuming development and testing, and so it is unlikely that Poki will be released any time soon. It is unclear at this time if the increased scope for Poki mentioned in the last news item will remain in place, or if it will be scoped back to hit an earlier release date.

Apologies for the delay. Hang in there, we want the next release at least as much as you do.

Increase in scope for upcoming Bedrock Linux 1.0beta3 Poki


The current Bedrock Linux release, 1.0beta2 Nyla, saw a substantial increase in community feedback. Given the focus on accessibility of the upcoming 1.0beta3 Poki release it is likely to see an even greater increase in user base. It is desirable to clear the backlog of smaller issues and toughen up the project infrastructure before this projected uptick. While the major features planned on the roadmap are retained as the key goals, additional work will be put in to clean up the code base, add tests, and rework the build system, amongst other improvements. This will likely push back the upcoming release but will help ensure the upcoming increased attention is manageable.

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