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Bedrock Linux 0.7 Poki

Bedrock Linux 0.7 Poki Installation Instructions

Bedrock Linux's goal of letting users enjoy features from other Linux distributions includes the installation process. To achieve, this Bedrock provides a script which hijacks a given traditional Linux distribution install and converts it into a Bedrock Linux install.

Thus, the first step is to install a traditional Linux distribution. Some considerations to help you decide which traditional Linux distribution to install include:

Prepare the install as you usually would. Setup a user account, networking, etc.

Download the latest installer corresponding to your CPU architecture from here or build your own from here.

Run the script as root with the --hijack flag:

sh bedrock-linux-release-arch.sh --hijack

and reboot.

If you see a new init selection menu during the boot process, congratulations! You're now running Bedrock Linux.

Bedrock Linux is a bit different from other, traditional Linux distributions. Continue to basic usage for a quick overview of Bedrock specific concepts you will need to utilize the new install.