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Bedrock Linux 0.7 Poki Beta Channel

Bedrock Linux offers a beta channel for those who are interested in testing upcoming updates and willing to bear the associated risk.

Generally, a new Bedrock Linux release will first be tested by the developers. After some time it will be made available in the beta channel, then after any newly discovered issues are resolved, filtered down to the stable channel.

Beta releases are not generally announced. To stay on top of such releases, either watch the beta release file:


or, if you have configured your system to watch for beta updates, simply run

brl update

Using the beta channel

Stable 0.7 Poki releases are listed at:


and beta 0.7 Poki releases are at:


If you are interested in beta releases, configure your system to watch both so that you also receive any stable updates which supersede beta ones.

In your /bedrock/etc/bedrock.conf you should find a mirrors field under either [miscellaneous] or [brl-update]. To configure your system to watch both mirrors, set the field to them, comma separated:

mirrors = https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bedrocklinux/bedrocklinux-userland/0.7/releases, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bedrocklinux/bedrocklinux-userland/0.7beta/releases

When you next brl update it will look for the newest available update, stable or beta.

Reverting to the stable channel

To revert to the stable channel, first first change the mirrors field under either [miscellaneous] or [brl-update] in your /bedrock/etc/bedrock.conf to only check the stable channel:

mirrors = https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bedrocklinux/bedrocklinux-userland/0.7/releases

This will restrict future updates. However, it will not alone change the existing install. To revert to a stable release, download the latest stable release from


and pass it to brl update with the --force flag to instruct brl update to continue despite the operation being a down-grade:

If your system is broken to the point where this does not work, you can run the installer/updater script directly with the --force-update flag:

However, this bypasses the cryptographic signature verification brl update would have performed, and thus should be avoided if brl update is available.

Upgrading to a newer release will indicate whether or not a reboot is required. Downgrading will not. It may be wise to reboot following a downgrade just in case.