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Bedrock Linux 0.7 Poki

Bedrock Linux 0.7 Poki Known Issues

Issues listed here are supplemental to issues listed in the compatibility section.

With some hardware or initrds, keyboard input is not recognized in init selection menu

Some users have reported their keyboard inputs are not recognized during Bedrock's init selection menu.

By default, Bedrock will wait 30 seconds for input at the init selection menu. Once that expires, it will automatically continue with the default choice. If you run into this issue, simply wait out the default. Going forward, consider shortening the timeout in /bedrock/etc/bedrock.conf. You can use another init in another session either by changing the default in bedrock.conf or by placing bedrock_init=<stratum>:<init-path> on the kernel line in your boot loader.

If you run into this, please contact paradigm indicating which distro provided your kernel, initrd, and any pertinent hardware details.

brl-update and brl-fetch fail with proxy

Some users have reported issues with brl update and brl fetch failing when behind a proxy.

This issue appears to be specific https URLs. It may be possible to work around brl update failing by manually downloading the update and running it with the --update flag, and it may be possible to work around brl fetch failing by specifying an http (non-https) mirror.

lvm mount failures

Some users have reported issues with lvm partitions, most notably /home, not mounting.

Typical init systems do not mount /etc/fstab values corresponding to global directories such as /home, and thus Bedrock is required to do so itself. However, Bedrock does not currently know how to populate /dev/mapper files required for lvm.

A future Bedrock update may embed dmsetup into Bedrock to allow it to populate /dev/mapper and mount global lvm partitions such as /home.


The /bedrock/cross/bin/X11 directory recursively contains many X11 directories.

This is because many distros contain a symlink at /usr/bin/X11 which points to . which /bedrock/cross/bin tries to expand.

A possible fix for this would be for cross-bin to ignore directories.

etcfs and crossfs sigterm handling

Bedrock Linux has two FUSE filesystems, etcfs and crossfs. Ideally, both should unmount themselves on SIGTERM, such as when the system is shutting down. Currently they do not do so. This may cause problems with sysv inits which have shutdown scripts within /etc.

Unmount warnings on shutdown

Bedrock uses a Linux kernel feature which propagates some mount and unmount operations. When an init system performs an umount operation on shutdown, this may actually unmount multiple mount points. Some init systems are confused by this, as it is not a commonly used feature, and print warnings about being unable to unmount directories because they already unmounted them. These warnings are harmless aesthetic issues. Note that this does not mean all warnings about mount difficulties on shutdown are harmless and only refers to a specific subset.

Root filesystem fsck may be skipped

Due to a quirk in how Bedrock works, init systems may not mount the root directory read-only in preparation for providing it to fsck. Bedrock attempts to disable this by changing the corresponding field in /etc/fstab.

Some initrds will fsck the root filesystem, but not all. Bedrock should offer the option of calling fsck on the root filesystem itself. However, it currently does not.

Bedrock localegen only understands single value

Bedrock has a localegen field in bedrock.conf which, if populated, will be used to configure the locale of fetched strata. However, it only understands a single value. This should be expanded to support multiple localegen values.

Moreover, research should be performed into the viability of making /etc/locale.gen global. This would remove the need for Bedrock to understand this field.