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Contributing to Bedrock Linux

There are several ways to contribute to Bedrock Linux, depending on your background and time.

Help support others

Consider learning Bedrock Linux well yourself, such as from using it and watching others answer questions. Then, once you are adequately knowledgable, consider watching places such as:

and if you see questions you are confident you know how to answer, help out.

Documentation and code review

Consider reviewing Bedrock Linux's website/documentation and code. If you find issues, report them. If you have time and capability, consider submitting fixes.

Become a distro maintainer

Traditional Linux distributions have package maintainers: people who maintain a given package for the distribution. They watch upstream changes to ensure nothing breaks and actively fix issues as they arise.

Bedrock Linux's equivalent are distro maintainers. We need people who know both a given traditional distro and Bedrock Linux well. These people would then do things such as:

If you are seriously considering this, contact paradigm.

R&D for compatibility issues

While quite a lot "just works" with Bedrock, some things require work-arounds and others do not work at all. You could perform R&D towards removing the need for work-arounds. Note that there is no guarantee that a solution is actually possible, or that some solutions may require a problematic trade-off.

If you are seriously considering this, contact paradigm.

R&D for future work

There are more ways to improve Bedrock than add support for new distros or cross-stratum compatibility for new subsystems. Various other possible future improvements are listed here.

If you are seriously considering this, contact paradigm.