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                      Bedrock Linux

Introductory Material

Current Release (0.7 Poki)



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Contributing to Bedrock Linux

There are several ways to contribute to Bedrock Linux depending on your background and time.

Some users have reported coming here looking for low hanging programming tickets to help knock out. For better or worse, Bedrock's long development history, care to avoid feature creep, and care to avoid unnecessary churn has left few such possibilities at this point.

Help support others

The primary limiting factor for Bedrock development is user support. Helping here would free up limited resources for research and development efforts.

Consider learning Bedrock Linux well yourself, such as from using it and watching others answer questions. Then, once you are adequately knowledgable, consider watching places such as:

and if you see questions you are adequately confident you know how to answer, help out.

Documentation and code review

English isn't amenable to unit tests. Consider reviewing Bedrock Linux's website/documentation. Look not only for spelling and grammar issues but also out of date information or insufficiently clear expression of concepts.

Similarly, consider reviewing the code base. Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.

Become a distro maintainer

Traditional Linux distributions have package maintainers: people who maintain a given package for the distribution. They watch upstream changes to ensure nothing breaks and actively fix issues as they arise.

Bedrock Linux's equivalent are distro maintainers. We need people who know both a given traditional distro and Bedrock well. These people would then do things such as:

The current list of distro-maintainer pairings can be found here.

At the time of writing, no distro has multiple maintainers. This is not a deliberate limitation. If you can help out and take pressure off an existing distro maintainer, please do so.

While there are no formal requirements, a history of "unofficially" maintaining a distro by actively helping with it in the Bedrock community would be beneficial before seeking the associated title.

If you are seriously considering this, please contact paradigm.

R&D for compatibility issues

While quite a lot "just works" with Bedrock, some things require work-arounds and others do not work at all.

If you have adequate background, consider researching open compatibility problems:

or known issues.

If you see a way to improve things, consider coding and upstreaming it

If there is limited documentation available on a given issue, it's likely because there is limited research into it at this point. Many of these issues may require quite some digging to resolve.