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Bedrock Linux 0.7 Poki

Bedrock Linux 0.7 Poki Distro Support

How well Bedrock Linux interacts with various other Linux distributions is tracked here.

The hijack-able column indicates whether or not there are known issues converting an install of the given distribution into Bedrock Linux via the installation script.

The fetch-able indicates whether or not Bedrock's brl fetch utility is able to automatically acquire the given distribution's files for use as a Bedrock stratum.

Maintainer indicates the individual(s) responsible for maintaining Bedrock interaction with the given distro.

Distro Hijack-able Fetch-able Maintainer
Alpine Linux Yes Yes paradigm
Arch Linux Yes Yes paradigm
Artix Linux Yes, but limited testing No N/A
CentOS Known issues Yes N/A
Clear Linux Known issues Experimental support N/A
CRUX Known issues No N/A
Debian Yes Yes paradigm
Devuan Yes, but limited testing Yes paradigm
Elementary OS Yes, but limited testing No N/A
Exherbo Yes In 0.7.8beta1 Wulf C. Krueger
Fedora Yes Yes paradigm
Gentoo Linux Yes Yes paradigm
GoboLinux Known issues No N/A
GuixSD Needs investigation No N/A
Manjaro Yes, but pamac/octopi broken No N/A
Mint Yes, but limited testing No N/A
MX Linux Known issues No N/A
NixOS Known issues No N/A
OpenSUSE Known issues Experimental support N/A
OpenWRT Needs investigation Experimental support N/A
Raspbian Yes Yes paradigm
Slackware Linux Known issues Experimental support N/A
Solus Known issues Experimental Support N/A
Ubuntu Yes Yes paradigm
Void Linux Yes Yes paradigm