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Bedrock Linux 0.7 Poki

Bedrock Linux 0.7 Poki Distro Support

How well Bedrock Linux interacts with various other Linux distributions is tracked here.

The hijack-able column indicates whether or not there are known issues converting an install of the given distribution into Bedrock Linux via the installation script.

The fetch-able indicates whether or not Bedrock's brl fetch utility is able to automatically acquire the given distribution's files for use as a Bedrock stratum.

Distro Hijack-able Fetch-able
Alpine Linux Yes Yes
Arch Linux Yes Yes
CentOS Known issues Yes
Clear Linux Mixed reports Experimental support
CRUX Known issues No
Debian Yes Yes
Devuan Needs investigation Yes
Elementary OS Yes, but limited testing No
Fedora Yes Yes
Gentoo Linux Yes Yes
GoboLinux Known issues No
GuixSD Needs investigation No
Manjaro Yes, but pamac/octopi broken No
Mint Needs investigation No
MX Linux Known issues No
NixOS Known issues No
OpenSUSE Yes Experimental support
OpenWRT Needs investigation Experimental support
Raspbian Yes Yes
Slackware Linux Known issues Experimental support
Solus Yes Experimental support
Ubuntu Yes Yes
Void Linux (glibc) Yes Yes
Void Linux (musl) Yes Yes