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Bedrock Linux 1.0alpha1 Appa

Command overview for Bedrock Linux 1.0alpha1


The path to a prefered shell may change depending on which client is running it. The shell could be run from /bin/bash or from /usr/local/brpath/bash, for example. To ensure the shell remains available at login irrelevant of client, use /opt/bedrock/bin/brsh as the shell. Configure it as explained here.


This command can be used to run commands from within clients. The first argument should be the client's name and the rest of the arguments will be passed directly to the client. For example:

brc squeeze bash

Will run the command bash from within the client squeeze

If the first argument is -l, instead of running any commands brc will simply list available clients.


If given no arguements, this command will set up the shared bind mounts in all of the clients. If given a list of client names, it will only set those clients up. If given the flag -s, it will simply print the status of the shared bind mounts.


brl will run the arguments given to it in all of the available clients.


If given no arguments or the argument -n, brw will print out the name of the client in which it is running. If given -p, it will give the path it was mounted in from the parent client's point of view. If given -i, it will print the path from init's point of view. If given -s and run as root, it will create a file (/etc/br_client_name) which will speed up future requests with -n (or no flag) and -p.


This command will make commands from other chroots available. Run with -a to have it run itself in all of the clients available. Run with -n to have it only add new commands and not attempt to remove old commands.


This command can be used to automate updating clients. If given no arguments, it will attempt to update all of the clients. Otherwise, it will only update the clients listed as arguments.