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                      Bedrock Linux

Bedrock Linux 1.0beta1 Hawky

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Bedrock Linux 1.0beta1 Hawky Known Issues

This page lists major known issues with the release at the time it was released; more up-to-date information may be found at the issue tracker

No init hooks for daemons

On typical Linux distributions, upon installing a package which should start a daemon at boot, the package would somehow leave indications for the init system on how it should be started. Bedrock Linux does not currently recognize any of these. It is still possible to utilize daemons (start them at boot, stop at shutdown, start/stop/restart/get-status during normal usage, etc); however, it is up to the user to determine exactly what commands should be run to make this happen and configure the system to do these manually.

brpath can't self-reference

Bedrock Linux's implicit filepath access, via /bedrock/brpath, provides an alternative view of the filesystem. However, due to a technical implementation limitation it locks up when attempting to show an alternative view of itself, such as the path /bedrock/brpath/rootfs/bedrock/brpath. For the time being, either remove the rootfs configuration item from brp.conf or refrain from accessing such directories.

Nvidia proprietary driver installer SIGBUS's due to bru bug

The Nvidia proprietary Linux driver installer dies with SIGBUS on Bedrock Linux 1.0beta1 Hawky due, likely, to a bug in Bedrock Linux's bru utility. The troubleshooting page has a work-around for the time being.

One cannot use a client as a stand-alone system

If one reboots into a client as its own stand-alone system, UIDs and GIDs will be out-of-sync from what may be on the rest of the filesystem. There are plans to have Bedrock Linux merge certain /etc files when enabling/disabling a client to remedy this, but it is not yet implemented.