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Bedrock Linux 1.0beta2 Nyla

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Bedrock Linux 1.0beta2 Nyla Known Issues

This page lists major known issues with the release at the time it was released; more up-to-date information may be found at the issue tracker

Only init stratum's init hooks work

On typical Linux distributions, upon installing a package which may start a daemon at boot, the package will leave instructions for the init system regarding how the daemon should be started. Currently these hooks only automatically trigger for the stratum which is currently providing init. If you would like, for example, CUPS to start at boot, the easiest solution is to install it from the init statum.

It is very possible to manually add new init hooks which work across stratum. Be sure to use brc as appropriate. See the documentation for both the given init system in use (and/or the corresponding distro) as well as the documentation for the software you would like to run at boot.

All major init systems run /etc/rc.local at boot time, and /etc/rc.local is configured to be global. Thus relatively simple boot-time operations can be written to that file which should then work irrelevant of which init from which distro is being used.

No such file on umount

When shutting down a system, many init systems may report that they are unable to mount a given item because it does not exist. This error message is harmless but annoying. Bedrock Linux utilizes a Linux feature called "shared subtrees" which propagates mount and unmount actions. When the init system unmounts a given mount point, other mount points are automatically unmounted as well. When the init system goes to unmount those mount points, it is surprised to find they're already unmounted.

brpath can't self-reference

Bedrock Linux's implicit filepath access, via /bedrock/brpath, provides an alternative view of the filesystem. However, due to a technical implementation limitation it locks up when attempting to show an alternative view of itself. Do not configure brp to use any path which leads back to /bedrock/brpath.

bru may not respect ACLs, supplementary groups

The bru mount point only checks access via a processes' UID and GID; it currently does not fully support more sophisticated access mechanisms such as ACLs and supplementary groups.

Limited support for encrypted /home

Some distros provide an option to encrypt /home on installation, which is then automatically decrypted on login. This is not yet supported by Bedrock Linux.

Cannot use a stratum as a stand-alone system

If one reboots into a stratum as its own stand-alone system, global files - especially /etc/passwd, /etc/group and /etc/shadow - may not be properly in place. Things such as UIDs and GIDs may be out-of-sync from what may be on the rest of the filesystem. There are plans to have Bedrock Linux merge certain /etc files when enabling/disabling a stratum to remedy this, but these plans have not yet been implemented.

Manual work is required to manage time, firmware

While most regular maintenance for distros, such as adding and removing packages, should "just work" for Bedrock Linux, there are still some exceptions which require additional manual efforts, such as time and firmware handling. It's quite possible to make full use of these features, but doing so requires manual work.

Cannot boot with a read-only filesystem

Some distros set up the bootloader/initrd to initially mount the filesystem as read-only. Then, later, the init system remounts it to read-write.

Bedrock Linux 1.0beta2 Nyla does not currently support such a setup. Instead, the bootloader's kernel line should use "rw" to indicate that the filesystem should be mounted as read-write. Most init systems should be flexible enough to handle such a setup situation; so far testing as not found any major issues with it. Nonetheless this constraint should be removed.

Some users cannot use keyboard in init-choosing menu

Some users have reported that they are unable to utilize the keyboard in the init selection menu. No one on the development team has been able to reproduce this, making it difficult to debug. If you run into this and have the time/capability/interest in helping debug, please bring it up in the IRC channel.