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                      Bedrock Linux

Bedrock Linux 1.0alpha3 Bosco

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Bedrock Linux 1.0alpha3 Bosco Known Issues

/etc File Sync Issue

Individual files, when "shared" via bind mounts, cannot be moved over. This is particularly problematic for files such as /etc/passwd which are normally updated by creating a new file and moving it over the previous one.

Work arounds:

This assumes /tmp is shared between clients.

Work is underway to create a daemon to automate this second option. See here for its current state, see here.

See here for issue tracker page for the issue.

Difficulty Statically Compiling Busybox

Difficulty statically compiling busybox have been noted, somewhat dependent on the client/installer host used. This is caused by conscious limitations placed in libraries available in many Linux distributions, particularly glibc.

Work arounds:

Man pages do not work across clients

While Bedrock Linux ensures executables work across clients, no work has yet been done to get man pages to work similarly. See here for the issue tracker.

Debian-based clients: statoverride problems

Occasionally, apt/dpkg will complain about issues with "statoverride". This most likely occurs because it expects a daemon should be running, but it is not. This can be fixed in this instance by simply removing the contents of /var/lib/dpkg/statoverride. Simply leave an empy file in that location. This may come up repeatedly - no work has yet been done to find a permanent solution. See here for the issue tracker.