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                      Bedrock Linux

Bedrock Linux 1.0alpha3 Bosco

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Bedrock Linux 1.0alpha3 Bosco Upgrading Instructions

Upgrading an installation from a prior version is not officially tested or supported. It is recommended to simply back everything up and install from scratch. Attempt to upgrade an existing installation at your own risk.

If you would like to attempt to upgrade despite the above warning, first read all of the instructions below, then begin following them.

  1. Back everything up, especially the configuration files in the core
  2. Boot from some other medium (such as a LiveCD or LiveUSB) and mount your Bedrock Linux partitions within it. You may skip mounting partitions which contain only:
    • /home
    • /root
    • /boot
    • /bin
    • /sbin
    • /usr/bin
    • /usr/sbin
    • your clients (such as /var/chroot/)
  3. Remove the entire userland except for the items listed directly above (/home, /root, etc). You did back up, right?
  4. Download the userland tarball and move it into the root of the directory which contained the Bedrock Linux filesystem.
  5. Untar the userland with tar xvf bedrock-userland-1.0alpha3.tar.gz.
  6. Run make; make install to get Bosco's new binary brc in place.
  7. Optionally, run make remove-unnecessary to remove the Makefile, brc source, etc.
  8. Replace the /etc configuration files (passwd, shadow, group, hostname, hosts, etc) with those from your backup. Do not overwrite the new /etc/profile, though - you want the new one.
  9. Read the configuration instructions and, referencing your previous configuration files, configure the new configuration files in their new formats.
  10. Reboot into Bedrock and log in with brroot.
  11. Run brp to populate the new brpath.