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Bedrock Linux Possible Future Work

Possible future updates for Bedrock Linux may include:

Performance improvements

Compatibility improvements

Efforts should be made to improve the various compatibility items which do not just work. For example, users should not have to manually create symlinks for desktop environment detection to work across strata.

Package Manager Manager

Bedrock would benefit from a new subsystem called "Package Manager Manager", or pmm. It should:

CPU Architectures

At the time of writing, Bedrock Linux 0.7 Poki supports x86_64 and armv7l. Support for additional architectures should be added, especially x86 and aarch64.

Man pages

Bedrock provides documentation on its website and the various commands have --help flags, but we do not currently have man pages for our own utilities. This should be remedied.

Support clang with build system.

Bedrock's build system currently hardcodes gcc. If possible, this should be generalized to be independent of the compiler. Otherwise, explicit support for clang should be added.